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Most popular and silly email questions of 2015 

Questions: Can the new 2015/2016 Chevrolet/GMC Trucks pass a million miles?

Answer: Yes! but unfortunately the digital display will max out at 999,999 KM or Miles and it would be the end of the count past that point. 

Question: How would you fix those speedometer clusters once stuck on 999,999 ?

Answer: Silly question as for you are talking many, many years before you see a problem like this.

But to answer your question, you would need to zero out the cluster or program all mileage after the million back into it. 


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Question: Does the new 2015/2016 Chevrolet/GMC Trucks hold mileage in the cluster? 

Answer: Yes! it does hold mileage in cluster as you can see 123456 Km showing in picture is not a coincident.

Question: I was told that the mileage is stored in the BCM and not in the cluster?

Answer: That is also correct the mileage is also stored in the BCM as well as the cluster.



Questions: Why do I have so many problems with the China prog programmers on the market today?

Answer: Most are all copied from others in this industry and never tested as for they do not have the knowledge or opportunity to see or test on what they claim they can support. The biggest problem is just because it worked on one or two does not mean it will work on all others, again these guys will post new updates to be the first and will tell clients that everything is working well but the real answer is these guys assume they will be all the same and that's where the problems will start. If your looking for tech support or an answer on what went wrong when you were programming a vehicle OBD? Good luck because nobody selling OBD Programmers will give you a straight answer and everything else they tell you will be bogus, thats only because they dont know themselves what went wrong. It's impossible for any OBD tech to tell you why there was a glitch in your OBD programming tool. It's pretty simple if you play with fire you will eventually get burnt. OBD programming is great for speed but speed kills.

smartchoice- I guess thats the risk many will have to make or decide when programming one. Slow it down a bit and make the right choice or hammer down and lets get it done? 


Question: Conversions km to miles or miles to km, when I buy a used speedometer cluster in miles and go to program mileage back into cluster it screws everything up. It has cost me thousands in unwanted repairs and I'm sick of calling a tow truck to bring it to a dealership hoping they can fix the problem my programmer has created. Going broke fast. Can you help?

Answer: Conversions are huge right now and everyone wants a piece of the action. I have never seen this many problems before in this industry as for youtube videos are not the answer and way to many people are messing around on something they have no knowledge in. This is not looking good for the export or import market this time around and I think many will see changes very soon that they will not like. Changing a Km faceplate or overlay to a Mph one you bought online and setting the option in vehcile to read in english or metric is not a conversion. Buying used Mph clusters online throwing them in is also not a conversion as for your putting the wrong information in vehicles that does not belong to them. This is going to be a huge problem very soon and again the Pro has warned you not to mess around. It's only going to take a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. Please do this industry a favor and do them right and quit messing around. Thanks

I could go on and on but I'm not a big fan of social media or bitch sessions online.

Again Knowledge is king in this industry, most online speedometer shops selling programmers all want to be the heros, so the chase is always on who can be the first to support what others can't. It's the dollar they wan't not the tech support that they can't offer. 

The answer is very simple on why you see so many mistakes, the mileage, the vin, the hours etc are not on the same line as what others assume, they have changed. The problem is the software is written to read a certain line, let's say line 500, the 7th and 8th byte in is where the target starts, most OBD programmers will give you a nice read that is true but unfortunately the rest of the codes below has changed different locations, so when you go to program you overwrite code that needs to be there with code that is not to be, that leaves big problems as for many programmers don't give you the option to back up your work. In other words if that happens call Prospeedo as for many other speedometer shops online will not be able to help you.

Reading or programming anything OBD is a risk and without knowledge in this industry or an option to backup or saving a read is just plain crazy! 

If you wish to gamble on something you know nothing about you will pay for your mistakes, don't assume just because you get a good read on your programmer it will work, if you are not sure don't program anything back into it. Times have changed and for some odd reason people want to do it ASAP! I'm not sure when this industry was on a time schedule but slow it down folks.

Reading chips on a circuit board without removing them is another big gamble for those with not enough knowledge in this industry to know what is a good read to a bad one. Please remember if you read and save garbage you end up with garbage. Windows Xp and up is a virtual Dos and not true, it is very simple when reading on board for hex to change, FF can become FE, 39 can become 89 etc. Again leaving you a garbage file that you saved thinking it was good. I hope this answers some of your questions as for I can not answer all emails regarding tech support that others can't offer you


Question: What is your professional opinion on the guys you see advertising Mobile mileage correction services on popular classified adds for real cheap prices?

Answer: Very scary! because most have zero knowledge in this industry and most are as smart as the tool they bought online and nothing more. In other words if their tool don't work they are out of luck, crossing their fingers and hoping it will work to collect any money from the service they are trying to provide is crazy and very reckless. Most of my jobs on repair is fixing instrument clusters and Bcm's from these OBD Programmers you see on the market today. Ask yourself is it worth $49.00 for someone to cause $1,500 in damage and give you a nice story that it was your vehicles fault not their OBD tool that did the damage? 

You have a 50/50 Chance of something going wrong with OBD Programming, one small software glitch, low battery, static charge,  accidentally unplugged or moved OBD connector when programming back into vehicle and the big one over writing code with other code that does not belong in the eprom. Most of these guys get way to excited when they see the correct miles pop up on their programmers thinking awesome this one is going to work, what they don't know is when they hit program they don't have a clue on what is going on because everything is hidden from them. Vehicle wont start now, digital display blinking, dotted lines on screen, error message, no can bus, need config, theft or security light on, abs, srs, airbag, locked radio etc. Do I like OBD Programmers? Yes and No. They keep me very busy fixing problems with them and No it's not good for the customer that has to flip the bill when done because the guy that claimed he has years and years of experience programming 95% of all vehicles on the market wont answer his email from you and magically has no phone number for you to get a hold of him to collect the money he should owe you on repairs for screwing up your vehicle. Go figure.

Would also like to mention you can't repair or fix a speedometer cluster or any instrument cluster through any OBD port, you can how ever change mileage, change the odd engine hours and idle hours and reset or clear the odd DTC code. Don't be fooled by adds claiming they can fix instrument clusters OBD. Most speedometer cluster replacements will have a miss match vin and other options missing from original. Ask to see the vin inside eprom to make sure it matches vehicle you are working on. If they can't show you their years and years of experience on the tool they are using then why use them? A corrupted file or no count in a speedometer cluster should be fixed properley and on a bench. Using an OBD tool to load a different file in or change mileage to help it count is again wrong and reckless. " Lets cross our finger approach" and hope it works is not going to cut it in this industry. Hope this answers your question. Thanks 


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