Chevrolet GMC Speedometer 2003 to 2006 Gauge Problem

Prospeedo has been fixing the 2003 to 2006 Chevrolet GMC stepper motor problem, digital display problem and light bulb problem for over 18 years now. Its nothing new to us. 

Prospeedo works on 1999 to 2021 Digital Speedometer Instrument Clusters

Prices will vary on Year of Speedometer Cluster, Hour Meter type, job needed done and complexity. See simple price quotes below. Prospeedo has been fixing Digital Speedometers for over 24 years, we work on anything from Vehicle Speedometers to Motorbikes, Snowmobiles, Quads, Farm Tractors, Dozers, Big Rigs, The list goes on and on etc.

All packages that we get in go out the same day as we receive them, everything is sent through Fedex Overnight. 

Please Note! You must print out our disclaimer form below, please fill it out and sign it. This must be included in your package when sending it out to us. When sending to Canada mark down on paper work it is a " Used Circuit Board For Repair and Return Only!  Value to be no more then $20.00 Thanks. If you have any Questions just call anytime 

   Digital Speedometer Disclaimer Form  CLICK HERE!


Payment Options:

We accept Cashiers Check, International Money Order, Paypal only, made payable to Prospeedo. 


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Price List. Instrument Cluster Repair Cost

All Domestic and most import prices below, Please Note! All German made Instrument Clusters start at $500.00 and up. Please call to confirm price quote or Click Here! for more information regarding fixing higher end Instrument Clusters . Thanks

 Head Office: 403-809-3903 or Toll Free 1-800-277-9269

Speedometer Repair Cost Year 1992 to 2006  $285.00 CLICK ON ICON BELOW

Speedometer Repair Cost Year 2007 to 2012 $350.00  CLICK ON ICON BELOW

Speedometer Repair Cost Year 2013 to 2016  $425.00 CLICK ON ICON BELOW

2003 to 2006 GMC, Chevrolet, Gauge Repair Complete Rebuilt $250.00 plus shipping

2007 to 2014 GMC, Chevrolet Tahoe Digital Display Fix $100.00 plus shipping

Now Supporting 2016 Ford F150 Big Screen. Cost $425 USD

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.09.27 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.55.53 AM

Now Supporting 2015 Mustang Big Screen. Cost is $425 USD

China Prog problems? No support? Why gamble on something you know nothing about. Call the Pro! We can help



 Programming alll 2015/2016 Chevrolet/GMC, SUV, Trucks, Engine hours, Idle hours, Prospeedo

2015/2016 Denali HD Diesel 3500 engine hours, idle hours, programming call Prospeedo

Let me guess guys. Traction control problem, brake problem, no tail lights, hard braking, zero tire pressure on TPS Screen, hill start assist not working, anti theft light on, locked radio, shifting problem, truck won't start, maybe it's time to quit messing around with a cheap plug and play and call the Pro!


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.17.19 PM

Please Note! For the guys going south buying MPH 2014, 2015 Speedometer Clusters online and are having serious problems programming one.

We can help!. Yes! to answer your question the 2015 Denali HD Diesel Truck Total Hours and Idle Hours can be done 100% Zero problems. Please don't gamble on cheap plug and play China Programmers thinking they will do the job. If you do you will have serious problems not listening to the Pro. These Speedometer Clusters are also Vin Specific so do not install until programmed properley or you will lock the radio and will triger theft mode on vehicle. Cost to do one will be $800 Firm. Thanks

New! you asked for it, you got it

Now Supporting 2014/17 Dodge Ram/Rebel Etc High Line Speedometer Cluster/Instrument Cluster on the Bench. No need to have vehicle present like most other shops.

Cost is $425 USD

Yes! for those that are asking we can support the 2014 Impala. No Problem. Cost is $425 USD

Most 2014 Chevy/GMC will not be a problem


Now Supporting all 2015 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Cost is $425.00 USD




600, 800, ETEC, PTEK ETC. NO PROBLEM! CALL PROSPEEDO 1-800-277-9269


Snowmobile Digital Speedometer Repair

Please Note! do to nothing left in stock for motorcycle and Snowmobile parts

Prospeedo is only programming new or used Instrument clusters on them from now on. Thanks

Yes! we work on 1998 to 2014 digital snowmobile speedometers.


Arctic Cat: to many models to list



We have done Summit 800, GSX 550, TNT 550,GTX 600, GSX 600 E Tech, Bombardier 600, MKZ 600E, MKZ 800 Adrenaline etc.


 Polaris: to may models to list


Yamaha:  Venture 600, Viper, Apex Genesis, Extreme etc.

We are the World’s Largest in this industry when it comes to programming digital snowmobile speedometers.

ATV, Quad 4X4, Can Am Spyder etc.  No problem!

Any questions just call us. Thanks

Motorcycle Digital Speedometer Repair

Yes! we work on 1998 to 2014 digital motorcycle speedometers.



Goldwing, CBR 600, Rubicon 4x4 etc. To many models to list



R1, WR 250X etc. To many models to list



ZX14, Z1000, Brute Force V-Twin 750, KVF 650 ATV 4X4 etc. To many models to list



Hayabusa, Boulevard, GSX-R 1000, 1300 etc. To many models to list



Softtail, Fatboy, Sportster etc. To many models to list


 triumph To many models to list



GPR 50 Nude


We are the World's Largest in this industry when it comes to programming digital motorcycle speedometers.


ATV, Quad 4X4, Can Am Spyder etc.  No problem!

Any questions just call us. Thanks

2002 and Up Hummer H1 Digital Speedometer Programming 



Let me guess your Digital Hummer H1 Speedometer Cluster stop working, nobody can fix it and you have no choice but to buy a new one.

Ok so you just bought a brand new one and now you are told it is impossible to have the original miles back into it.

You called the head tech office for the Hummer H1 programming department only to be told they can not be programmed and its not physically possible to program any information back into a new one. So now what TMU?  Don't TMU your Hummer H1 When we can help solve your problem.

Let me just say most techs will be wrong and yes! 100% Prospeedo can help you guys out. I charge $500 for programming any new 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006  Hummer H1 digital speedometer or $350 and send in your old core back with your new one that needs to be programmed.

Just call or email Prospeedo anytime. Thanks

From Rolls-Royce rr to Bentley bent  to an Aston Martin aston-martin to a Maserati maserati or a simple Ferrariferrari   

You can Rest assured knowing that your High-end Speedometer Cluster or Hour Meter will receive the best of care from a professional in this industry. If you wish to gamble on your repair for nickel and dimes you'll end up spending much more money fixing other speedometer shops mistakes and bogus claims that they have worked on them before.

When in doubt ask them for a picture of one taken apart.back If they can't show you one taken apart why send it? Make it simple Call Prospeedo

Yes! we can do the new 2014 Silverado or any 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee no problem!

Most Higher end jobs like the Lamborghini Gallardo and most 2014 Digital Speedometers will come to us first before anyone else.


Prospeedo  2023 20th Ave Bowden, Alberta, Canada, T0M 0K0

Toll Free 1-800-277--9269  Bowden, Alberta Head Office 403-809-3903



Keeping it Simple! Prospeedo's World Wide Professional Speedometer Repair Service


Why Wait? Fix your Broken Digital Speedometer Cluster Today. Call Prospeedo. Bowden Head Office: 403-809-3903 Toll Free 1-800-277-9269 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Hours: 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment only!

In a bind and need one done after hours? Just call me and will work something out. It's all good relax


Prospeedo  2023 20 Ave Bowden, Alberta, Canada, T0M 0K0

Toll Free 1-800-277--9269  Bowden, Alberta Head Office 403-809-3903